Brussels came to a virtual standstill, after the horrific blasts that ripped through the city. The Belgian Capital was witness to horrific scenes at the spots where the deadly blasts occurred.

On Tuesday, a series of bomb blasts occurred, at the Capital city’s most strategic points- The Airport and the Metro. Prominent officials were quoted as saying that at least 34 people had been killed, in the attacks at the Maelbeek Station and Zaventem Airport. Unconfirmed reports have put the estimates of the injured at more than 200.

Apparently, the bombs were placed in innocent-looking suitcases, containing deadly nails. Two bombs were set off at the Zaventem airport by the attackers. Several witnesses have been reported as saying that they heard shots and phrases in Arabic, before the blasts occurred. Another bomb had been defused safely by experts, thereby preventing yet another attack.

In an official Press release, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel stated that the attacks and its aftermath are the country’s darkest moment. He expressed his solidarity with the people, and assured them that all measures would be taken to safeguard Belgians from any further attacks.

Unconfirmed sources have pinned the blame on ISIS. The attacks came after ISIS issued a warning to countries that were part of the coalition that aims to destroy it.

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Over 80,000 people were left homeless, thanks to a massive wildfire that has swept through parts of Canada. This horrific wildfire has thoroughly ravaged the once prosperous, oil-rich Canadian town of Fort McMurray in Alberta.

How did it start?
According to the reports, the wildfire started on May 1st, in a remote and widely inaccessible part of the forest at Fort McMurray. Though the causes are still being disputed, the investigators are leaning towards the abundance of dry bushes as the major cause for the wild fire. Experts have noted that, along with the strong hot winds that have been blowing for some time now, could have sparked the initial fire. These are said to be the main culprits behind forest fires, across the world.

The wildfire at Fort McMurray was first spotted by helicopters that routinely patrol the area.
However, even such early efforts, could not stop the spread of the fire. The area affected by the blaze has increased tenfold, with some estimates putting the affected area at more than 200,000 acres.

A massive evacuation process has been initiated, and many residents are being currently airlifted out of the affected areas. Many residents now look towards a bleak and uncertain future, as there is no way of knowing when the wildfire can be brought under control and extinguished.