In today’s world, technology plays an important role in bringing about changes in our lives. Many of the medical breakthroughs that you all have today wouldn’t have been possible, if more technologies were not invented. Due to the hard work done by researchers, doctors and scientist, you are able to treat various types of conditions and diseases. Once their researches have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the cure or treatments are made available to the public. These breakthroughs may change or even save a person’s life. Now let us look at some of the newest breakthroughs of 2016, which would change the outlook of medicine forever.

1) Mini Pacemaker
It can be fatal for the person who is suffering from a heart anomaly. People with this type of heart condition are fitted with a pacemaker, which are usually very effective, but placing them can be an insidious procedure. There is also a chance of the wires of the pacemaker that are connected to the heart of getting infected, which may cause serious complications. But now with the invention of the mini pacemaker, it is possible for a person to undergo this procedure without any surgery. The mini pacemaker requires no wires, thereby reducing the rate of infection. The pacemaker is implanted on to your heart by use of a catheter that pushes the implant all the way through the femoral vein.

2) Super Pills For Controlling High LDL Cholesterol
The risk of getting heart attacks or any other heart related problems are high if you have high cholesterol level. But now, two drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors are found to stop a gene called PCSK9 that creates cholesterol. The pill helps in reducing the LDL level by at least 50% and can reduce the risk of heart attack and any other heart problems.

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